Michelin starred chef Michel Roux Jr. has announced the permanent closure of the iconic Le Gavroche restaurant in London. The two-Michelin star fine-dining establishment, founded by Roux Jr.’s father Albert Roux and uncle Michel Roux Sr. 56 years ago, will close its doors in January. Roux Jr. explained that the decision was make to prioritize spending more time with his family and achieving a better work-life balance.

Reason for Closure

In a statement, Michel Roux Jr. mentioned that the end of the current lease on the Mayfair-based restaurant provided an opportunity to assess the future. Despite the success of Le Gavroche, which remains fully booked each week, Roux Jr. expressed a desire to turn the page and move forward. The decision was not made lightly, considering the restaurant’s legacy and its significance to both the Roux family and loyal patrons.

Legacy and Impact

Le Gavroche holds a significant place in culinary history as the first UK restaurant to be award a Michelin star and later the first to receive a second star. It further received three Michelin stars in 1982 and held them until 1993. The restaurant’s influence extended beyond its exceptional dining experience, as many renowned chefs, including Gordon Ramsay, Marco Pierre White, and Marcus Wareing, honed their skills at Le Gavroche.

Final Chapter and Future Prospects

While Le Gavroche will close its doors, Michel Roux Jr. emphasized that the restaurant’s legacy will continue through pop-up events and other ventures. The decision was make with mixed emotions, recognizing the emotional attachment patrons have to the establishment. As the iconic restaurant prepares to bid farewell, Roux Jr. expressed gratitude for the support of loyal guests and invited them to enjoy the final months of its operation.


The closure of Le Gavroche marks the end of an era in London’s culinary scene. Michel Roux Jr.’s decision to prioritize his work-life balance highlights the challenges faced by chefs in maintaining their personal lives amidst the demanding nature of the industry. The restaurant’s legacy will continue to resonate, reflecting its significant contributions to gastronomy and culinary education.

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