Let’s chat about Claude, the marksman who’s always in the Mobile Legends spotlight. You know how having the right gear for Claude is a big deal because he’s super popular and rocks it in the high-tier matches.

The hero has seen some changes and fixes, but he stays strong, fitting in smoothly with any META. His skills are top-notch – high poking damage, sneaking into enemy lines, dishing out AOE damage, and a cool skill called Battle Mirror Image that lets him escape tight spots.

Claude, the All-Weather Hero: Flexible and Awesome Claude is like the Swiss Army knife of heroes – he’s useful in all sorts of situations. He’s even better than other basic attack marksmen like Melissa and Ixia.

His power in team fights is crazy good, thanks to his ultimate move that can wreck the enemy team with massive damage. Plus, these hero can rock at split-pushing, thanks to his speedy attack and movement.

Now, let’s talk about Claude secret recipe for the mightiest gear that’ll help you rule the battlefield.

Claude’s Challenge Early On: Building Up the Strength Claude’s got a bit of a tough time in the early game – everyone knows that. To fix this, the plan is to get him the Demon Hunter Sword (DHS) and the Golden Staff. These two items are key for these hero to start kicking in the game. But guess what? We’re not stopping there.

The Big Reveal: Claude’s Ultimate Gear

  1. Demon Hunter Sword (DHS): This is a must, giving him life steal and penetration. It’s like the foundation for his early-game survival and growth.
  2. Golden Staff: These hero can’t do without this one. It gives him attack speed, critical chance, and a cool special power that suits his style. It helps deal out damage like a boss.
  3. Swift Boots: These boots make Claude faster, helping him move around quickly in team fights or slip out of tight spots.
  4. Wind of Nature: This one’s like Claude’s superhero cape, giving him a shield to block damage. Perfect for surviving big attacks and staying strong in fights.
  5. Endless Battle: A game-changer, giving him lifesteal, extra damage, and a speed boost. This one works perfectly with Claude’s skills.
  6. Blade of Despair: If Claude wants to be a late-game superhero, he needs this. It cranks up his damage big time.
  7. Immortality: This item is like a safety net, making sure he doesn’t go down in crucial SLOT GACOR TERBARU moments. It gives him a second chance in big fights, making him tough to take down.

Making Changes When Needed While this gear is Claude’s main deal, you’ve got to be smart and change things up based on how the game’s going.

  1. Queen’s Wings: If Claude needs extra defense against super powerful attacks, this one’s the go-to, keeping him alive in tough spots.
  2. Rose Gold Meteor: Another cool defensive choice. It gives Claude a shield when his health drops low, perfect for long team fights.

Remember, making Claude a superstar isn’t just about getting these items. It’s also about knowing when and how to use them during the game. Get Claude’s gear down pat, and you’ll be a force to be reckoned with in Mobile Legends battles. So, gear up and own that battlefield with the ultimate Claude setup! Happy gaming!

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